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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension


The sheep project teaches youth to care for live animals while learning about animal health and nutrition, breeding, selection and marketing. In the 4-H sheep project individuals learn decision making, record keeping, responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership. They may participate in market projects, breeding projects and non-competitive projects.

Daily Maintenance and Care Market Lamb Classification Standard- PDF




Exercise Activity


Fitting and Show Prep

Previous Major Show Lamb Weight Break

Market Lamb Classification Guidelines


Texas A&M Publications and Website resources (http://animalscience.tamu.edu)

National 4-H Curriculum Resources link

Printed Resources

  • Wool Placing and Reasons Sheet (AS 3-4.057) – PDF
  • Wool Grading Sheet (AS 3-4.055) – PDF
  • Wool Score Card for Judging (AS 136) – PDF