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Ambassador Spotlight Bailey Hooten

Bailey Hooten has been an Ambassador since 2014 and has shown initiative and drive to be a positive influence in agriculture and beyond. In her own words.

bh 1As a senior we are asked to look back and remember, remember that our lives will never be this easy again, remember to cherish these moment with our friends for we are about to go separate ways, but most importantly we are asked to look back and remember how far we’ve come from the quite, socially awkward, junior high kids we were. As I look back and remember I can’t help but remember my 4-H career and the program that has made me the girl I am today. I started my career as any normal young 4-Her: praying her lamb wouldn’t try eating her hair because the judge was getting closer. Soon enough I grew up and no longer had to place their head on my shoulder to keep them steady. As the years passed I learned about the Ambassador program and didn’t have a clue the impact on my life it would have till the summer of 2014.

I attended ambassador training at Texas Tech University and came home filled with the ambition to change the world. Obvbh 2iously I haven’t changed the world yet but I haven’t been discouraged either. Attending the Texas Livestock Ambassador training in 2014 and Advocacy Academy in 2015 I have been educated on the many struggles agriculture is facing today, one of them being a gaping hole in the education system. I have taken it upon myself to educate young kids, and everyone I can, about agriculture and how important is to our society. Within the Ambassador program I have been exposed to cutting edge technology, taught how to educate the public effectively and created a family.

Working as an ambassador is one of the most prideful things I do. Along with helping families out that are just starting livestock projects I organize and put on showmanship clinics and small jackpots. I love working with kids in general, so being able to teach them about something I am so passionate about makes me so happy. I am from San Angelo, TX so naturally I grew up around sheep and goats. This gives me an advantage when teaching younger kids how to show and working on showmanship skills. This past summer and fall I spent many hours with one girl in particular teaching her ring presence and awareness. I was just as excited as she was when she stepped out of junior showmanship and ran to me waving her buckle around saying, “Look Bailey, we have matching buckles now!!” It is moments like these that I will always look back and remember, but most importantly the livestock ambassador program will be a program that I will remember challenged me to stand up for agriculture and changed my life as I knew it.bh 3