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Kodye Neel Ambassador Spotlight

Our Ambassador Spotlight is Livestock Ambassador Kodye Neel. This is her story in her own words.
FullSizeRender(2)For as long as I can ever remember, livestock and animals have been apart of my everyday life.  Growing up around the cattle industry laid the perfect foundation and transition into my 4-H career and projects, in and outside of the show ring. My journey showing all began when I was six years old and has transformed into my way of life since then. From showing horses, goats, steers, heifers, and sheep the adventure thus far has been nothing short of remarkable.
Everything in my life that has involved livestock, has definitely been a family effort. My family’s support and encouragement with everything that  I participate and engage in is phenomenal.  Every show, whether it is a major or jackpot, has taught me so many lessons; hard work, dedication, and responsibility are obvious but beyond that, I have learned sportsmanship, how to manage a checkbook and finances, proper nutrition, and correct husbandry and care for each of my projects.  What I have achieved through my livestock projects could not of happened without my family, but other than just blood relatives, my livestock judging family and teammates as well.  My livestock projects directly correlate with my passion and drive for livestock judging.  I am determined and passionate for everything involving livestock and agriculture, and am very blessed to have a place in an industry, program, and organization that allows individuals to be successful.
The Livestock Ambassador program has allowed me to be a part of so many opportunities, and has been a monumental stepping stone in my 4-H experience.  There is no doubt that this program has opened many new doors for me; it enhanced my knowledge about the industry that I am so passionate for, and gave me the foundation to properly and successfully advocate for agriculture. My time spent at the Ambassador Short-Course and fall 2014 027Advocacy Academy undoubtedly opened my mind to what I want to do in my future, and how I can give back to an industry, program, and organization that has given so much to me.  But, what I appreciate the most is that the Ambassador program provided me with valuable life lessons, experiences that are top-notch, valuable connections, and friendships that will last a lifetime. The Ambassador program, combined with the show ring, and 4-H organization has molded me into the individual I am today.