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Bailey Baade Ambassador Spotlight


Bailey Baade has been an exemplary Livestock Ambassador from the start. She has been willing to help in every capacity and has proven to be a true leader. In her own words.

I began my journey as a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador in the summer of 2014 when I was accepted into the short course at Texas A&M! I always knew that agriculture was a major part of my life, but being a part of the Ambassador family mbailey 1ade it a passion for me. There are so many people in the country and world that do not understand what agriculturists do. So many misconceptions about the intentions of farmers and ranchers circulate on a daily basis with little to no combat to them, and that’s where I believe ambassadors come in. With the power of being informed of the TRUE intentions while still being able to connect with younger as well as older generations, ambassadors can change the worldview of modern agriculture.

I have personal experience in sheep and goat, as well as cattle! However, I believe the best aspect that each and every livestock ambassador has is his or her ability to be a leader. Being a livestock ambassador, there are many, many times you are put in a situation where you have to take the lead and show people what you know what you’re doing. This isn’t always as easy task, but by using the skills taught in the science short course as well as Advocacy Academy, I am able to tackle the task at hand. I have been able to exhibit my leadership skills at sheep and goat livestock clinics, the Commodity Carnival or ambassador booth at various livestock shows, the International Livestock Congress, and a behind the scenes tour at SeaWorld San Antonio which I organized myself! These is nothing I enjoy more than spreading the truth and sharing my passion for agriculture, and through the Ambassador program I have been able to do just that.bailey 2

Without the guidance and time that the Livestock Ambassador program has invested into me, I would not be where I am today. Through the program I have gained the confidence and knowledge that it takes to spread the world of agriculture to hundreds of people. Never will I forget the first time a parent came up to me thanking me for helping their child learn about their animal and help improve their showmanship skills. I would trade nothing for seeing those children that I help smile after the showmanship judge shakes their hand and tells them that they did a good job. I plan on continuing using the skills and knowledge given to me through the program far past my time in 4-H and into my career.