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Carlie Shea Witte-San Angelo Lamb

Carlie Shea Witte is our featured Livestock Ambassador. In her own words: This major season I have been very blessed to win Grand Champion lamb at San Angelo Stock Show. Showing has always been a passion of mine. From watching and rooting for my sister her first three years, to walking into the show ring for my very first time. I immediately knew I was getting into the right industry. This has not been the easiest year for my family and I. After losing many of our sheep in a dog attack I had lost all hope for this show season. If it were not for all the hard work and time my parents dedicated, this year would not have turned out this way. I am so thankful for everything they have done and continue to do. My livestock projects have definitely influenced me in ways I had never expected. This year has taught me to never take things for granted, appreciate your blessings as they come, and that hard work really can pay off.

The livestock industry is one of which lifelong friendships are built. It is unreal how many people I have met through showing and the support they have given me. I know that wherever my future may take me, and if I am ever put into a situation there will always be someone that I can call. I have such a great appreciation for those that work day in and day out to keep this industry thriving. Exhibitors do not realize how many people it takes to put on a major livestock show, there are so many volunteers and hours spent at the barn to give us the best possible experience. So thank you so much to those involved in that process, I’m sure y’all don’t hear it enough but being an exhibitor we really do appreciate you.

When I had the opportunity to become a livestock ambassador I was so excited to be able to represent an industry that has done so much for me. Being a livestock ambassador has taught me there is so much more than just showing livestock, but being able to advocate for this industry. It has shown me different job areas, and has given me many new ideas on where my future could go. I would recommend this program to any student; get involved, and be a part of something that could really make a difference.Carlie Shea.jpeg