Embracing our Past. Engaging our Present. Defining our Future.


Regan McGuill

The Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador program has made a significant impact on my life. At the age of fourteen, I was pushed into the Livestock Ambassador program. My dad was determined to get me there by all means possible. I …

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Kade Clapper Spotlight

Kade Clapper has been an ambassador for several years now and has shown excellent leadership. We are looking forward to seeing what all he will accomplish as he moves on to the next phase of his life. My experience with …

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Kodi Schroeder Spotlight

Ambassador Experience Before my sophomore year of high school, my future seemed extremely scary and I was unsure about every aspect of growing up. The summer of 2013, my view of the future changed because of my involvement through the …

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Payton Miner

Equine Ambassador Payton Miner is a self-starter who has excelled in our program. She is about to start her first year of college next semester and this is her summary looking back. Howdy! My name is Payton Miner, and I …

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