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Coy Westbrook-An Agvocate Worth Knowing

coy 1Coy Westbrook instantly set himself apart by his obvious thirst for knowledge and respect for agriculture. In his own words, here is his experience through the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program.

I remember during my junior year of high school that I felt unmotivated to further my 4-H and agricultural career. My leadership and agricultural experiences up to that point were mostly county 4-H president, serving as a district FFA and 4-H officer, and showing Hampshire gilts. However, this all changed when I participated in the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Short Course. I suddenly became more aware of the broader aspects of the agricultural industry and the need for AGvocates. I know for a fact that the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program has positively affected my life and allowed me to reach new heights as a person and as a leader!

My time spent at the short course was the most exhausting, but most amazing experience of my 4-H career up to that point. After the short course, I jumped into my ambassador experience with both feet. I found my passion AGvocating to the public in supermarkets and at stock shows. I love talking to a person who was uninformed about agriculture then the person has that “aha” moment and realize aspects of their world that they never realized.coy 3

Additionally, I know that my time spent in the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program is what helped prepare me when I ran for Texas FFA State Office. I highly doubt that if I was not a Livestock Ambassador that I would not currently be the Texas FFA State Vice President for the Area IX Association. I truly hope that more youth and adults realize both FFA and 4-H are two life-changing organizations with the same manifest purpose. That purpose is to make the lives of youth better and to make the world a better place. I strongly encourage every to support both organizations!

In May 2015, I took my efforts to AGvocate a step farther than I ever thought that I could. I saw that very few people my age had brought AGvocating to the 21st century. Typically, we give presentations and talk to people in stores; however, I know that the quickest way to reach people with new and important information is through the internet. I started a blog where I try to educate the public about all aspects of agriculture. Through the blog, and the social media accounts that I have linked to it, I have reached more that 60,000 people! If you are interested please check out the website at www.theagrithink.com and follow us on social media at www.facebook.com/agrithink on Twitter @world_agri and on Instagram at agri_think please like, comment, and share to help spread the word about agriculture and to become an AGvocate!

However, AGvocating to the public is just one aspect of the 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program. My absolute favorite opportunities that I had as a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador was talking to kids about agriculture. Icoy 2 cannot help to notice that kids always perk up during a presentation at a school or at a stock show when I show them the fun they can have with agriculture. I know one of the best experiences that I had with teaching kids was starting the first 4-H Clover Kids in my county and judging their rabbit show! The Clover Kids show was a great experience because it sparked the kids interest in agriculture by letting them have fun.

Being a leader and Agvocate is not about being the biggest, richest, smartest, or best. Being a leader and AGvocate is about taking advantage of every opportunity to change the world one person at a time!