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Hanna Siptak Ambassador Spotlight

Hanna Siptak was an Ambassador in the 2014 Livestock Ambassador Program and showed exceptional leadership skills throughout her career as an Ambassador.

IMG_6735 (3) Howdy! My name is Hanna Siptak and I’m from Flatonia, Texas in Fayette County in the District 11 4-H. I am now 19 years old, attending South Plains College in Levelland, Texas while being a part of the South Plains College Livestock Judging team.  I began my 4-H career like most in the 2nd grade, and was excited to join 4-H as I would be a 3rd generation member to do so.  My mom and I sat down one evening discussing a few short term and long term goals to accomplish while I was in 4-H, and I knew overall I wanted to make an impact on the people around me.  I started out just showing animals at my local show and ended my 4-H career with an amazing experience I would never forget.

It was my senior year, and I knew I wanted to end my 4-H career by doing something I have never done that would make an impact not only for me but for others around the state as well.  I talked to a IMG_6738 few friends and they suggested the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador program. I quickly signed up and knew that this was what I had been searching for.  I got accepted to the Texas A&M camp in College Station and received the experience of a lifetime.  Not only did we go through different aspects of an Animal Science program, but we also learned how to communicate with different people and how we should approach the social media about agriculture.  I met and made friendships with people across Texas and when it came time for the camp to end, we were challenged to make a difference as leaders and give back and to educate others about what we had just learned.

I then have spent the past two years, including while in college, educating others about agriculture and how it affects our daily lives.  A few of the duties I have done while being an ambassador has included: helping out friends and family at stock shows, going to grocery stores to promote beef, pork and chicken, showing presentations to people around the state and making connections while livestock judging in college.  The Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador program is not only something you do while in high school, but it is a program that will stay with you throughout college and into your career.  I know I have made an impact because of the Texas 4-H program, and I would definitely encourage others to partake in it as well.IMG_7662