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Hannah Celella Rodeo Houston Dorper

Equine Ambassador Hannah Celella is our spotlight today.

In her own words about her experience at Rodeo Houston: Six years ago I started a small flock of Dorper sheep with four ewes. Through the years I have worked to improve my flocks genetics so that I could be competitive with my sheep that I have raised. Two years ago, at the national sale in Duncan, Ok I completed a junior judging course. My family had the opportunity to host the instructor from South Africa for several days. During his stay he evaluated and graded our sheep. This experience gave me the knowledge to select and a top herd sire. Later that year I found a young ram lamb that I thought would compliment my flock and purchased him with money that I earned selling ewes. This ram has proven to be a success in the show ring as well as a breeding sire. Over the last two years he and his offspring won many grand and reserve championships at the major stock shows. My most rewarding win this year was the Reserve Championship at Houston. Seeing what I have learned and strived to achieve these last few years has been truly gratifying. This basic knowledge of livestock evaluation has also helped me with judging other species, including equine.

Joining the Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador program benefited me much more than I expected, giving me a broader perspective of the agricultural industry. This program has expanded my equine knowledge and improved my leadership skills. The most important thing I came away with during my week of training, was something that Mr. Larry Sullivant said, “find someone who knows more than you, and you will always learn something.” This has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Since that time I have practiced this in my other projects, and I am now becoming more comfortable communicating with major breeders in the Dorper sheep industry.

The experience of this camp, participating in Kroger engagements, Houston Ambassador booth, and training at the capital has helped me solidify my decision to pursue a degree and career in agriculture. It has also given me a new goal of becoming a livestock ambassador, which will give me a broader knowledge base to be a more effective advocate for agriculture.

Hannah Celella