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Kade Clapper Spotlight

Kade Clapper has been an ambassador for several years now and has shown excellent leadership. We are looking forward to seeing what all he will accomplish as he moves on to the next phase of his life.

My experience with the ambassador program has been phenomenal from the first day of the Texas Tech short course to helping out at the booth during the Houston Livestock Show I have had a complete blast. When I was first told about this experience I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous going into the short course that year.

Within twenty minutes of getting to the Baymont Inn in Lubbock Texas, I got settled and began chatting with the group there and we started talking about this program and all that we had planned for that week. From the start, I truly enjoyed my experience through this program. Later on, I was selected to be a part of the livestock advocate group. In this group of fellow ambassadors, we traveled down to the State Capital to speak with some of our State Representatives and to discuss the livestock industry. With my time there I gained a greater interest in the industry that I already live and love so that I could have a greater impact on my community.

Along with these short courses and meetings, we were chosen to help and teach people about what we do. One of my most favorite things is when I put together a clinic at one of our local shows. When talking with the younger children I began to see the impact that we have on them as an older generation and I began to advocate more to help the younger kids so that they could develop and grow as a livestock exhibitor. From all of my experiences in this organization, I have a greater respect for what our ag teachers and county agents do and I this I gained a greater awareness and humbleness that impacted me to what I am today.


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