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Kirby Nixon Social Media Spotlight

Kirby Nixion has been a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador since the summer of 2014. He has proved to be a driven leader. In his own words.

After learning about the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program, I knew that this was a program I had to join. From advocating for agriculture to assisting my fellow showmen, this program covers it all. As an ambassador, I have had the privilege of teaching new exhibitors both young and old how to properly care for their show animals in any way possible, while at the same time teaching them the importance of why an exhibitor shows. Other experiences have consisted of clinics that I have put on within my county, as well as presentations at several 4-H meetings.

While still being a Livestock Ambassador, I have carried on with my own livestock. This past year, I attended my county show, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. Starting with the county show, I reserved the show with my Simmental Heifer and won the steer show. At Fort Worth and San Antonio, I received a second place with my heifer. During San Antonio, I competed in the Simbrah – Simmental Super Bowl, where I received the Eighteen and Older Champion Showman as well as a first place. To finish off my year, I showed my Simmental Heifer once again at Houston. There, I received a first place, reserve division heifer calf, and won showmanship. This show season was absolutely a perfect way to wrap up my Jr. Showing Career.

The Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program has truly been very beneficial to me. Not only has it been one of the highlights in my 4-H career, but it has also been a major influence in my future plans. Through advocating for agriculture, and spreading my knowledge to others, I have found out the best way to relate to anyone with or without agricultural ties. With these experiences, I have decided that I want to continue my love for agriculture advocacy and livestock health by obtaining a degree in Animal Science.

Next fall I will attend Texas Tech University where I will receive my degree, and then further my education in the hopes of becoming a large animal veterinarian. Along with my plans of being a vet, I would like to continue raising and showing cattle. My goal is to develop a show cattle operation specializing in Simmental Cattle. With this, I can sell high-quality cattle to exhibitors of all levels and continue to have ties in the showing community. On top of that, I will continue to carry on parts of my dads farming and ranching operations that he has set aside for me. My experiences in this program have truly made an impact in my life and have made me a better person today.

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