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Kodi Schroeder Spotlight

Ambassador Experience

Before my sophomore year of high school, my future seemed extremely scary and I was unsure about every aspect of growing up. The summer of 2013, my view of the future changed because of my involvement through the Texas Livestock Ambassador Program. With this program, it gave purpose to my future and helped me decide on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Though the Ambassador program offers so much to take away from it, the one driving home force that changed my future was the daunting question of “How will we feed the world’s growing population in 50 years?”

After sitting through countless sessions with top professors, scientists and industry workers that the Ambassador program puts together, I could see the importance of the future of agriculture and realized in today’s society, the number of those involved in the vital industry of agriculture is quickly dwindling down to nothing. Which made me realize how important it is for me, someone with such passion for agriculture to put that passion to use and use it as an outlet for the public to be more knowledgeable about factory farming, GMO’s, growth enhancers and much more that are put to use in today’s industry to take care of the population. While the Texas Livestock Ambassador program helped me realize what my calling was in life, it helped me realize how to get my story out and share with others.

There are a few key points of my livestock ambassador experience that have stuck with me through the years that took place in the training. One of those points was the “Media Training Day” at the Texas Farm Bureau headquarters in Waco. While the program as a whole taught me more than I ever thought I could know about the livestock and agricultural industries, it was in the media training session that I learned I had the ability to share with others what I spent my entire life learning and experiencing. On that day, we were put in the spotlight in front of the intimidating lights and cameras and given questions in which we had to answer on the spot. While waiting for my turn, I was more nervous than ever but as soon as I was asked a question about something I had such a passion for, the words simply flowed out with ease and I realized that I had the ability to make a difference in the world by for the livestock and agricultural industries sake.

I believe that is what the purpose of Texas Livestock Ambassadors is. Everyone has their own calling in life. Sadly, in today’s society, very few feel their calling towards such vital, heard working, true industries of agriculture and livestock; but through this program, those who do are able to realize they have much more potential than they ever thought possible, or at least that’s how it was in my case. Through Livestock Ambassadors, I received much more than knowledge about the industry and hands-on experiences that I will remember for a lifetime. I received my own voice and learned my strength and also so many open doorways to my future that I wouldn’t have received any other way. Saying this, I am beyond thankful for the Livestock Ambassador Program and what it has done for me.   

Kodi Schroeder

kodi schroeder

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