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Macey Randig-Rodeo Houston Gilt

Houston gilt show-1Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Macey Randig is our spotlight Ambassador. In her own words about being a class winner at Rodeo Houston: This being my senior year of high school, I wanted to personally take charge of my livestock projects by putting my knowledge and experience accumulated the past ten years to test. I decided to select my county show pigs on my own which has always been the most difficult process for me. Foreshadowing the potential of the hundreds of show pigs I had to choose from, I found one immediately that grabbed my attention. After months of hard work and eager anticipation for my county show I came up somewhat disappointed and short handed of the banner I was working towards. In my heart I knew this gilt was better than a 3rd place ribbon at my county show so I decided to exhibit her in the breeding shows at San Antonio and Houston. After obtaining a 7th place ribbon at the San Antonio Livestock Show, I still had a feeling she had more in her. Finally at the Houston Livestock Show, I had my class winner. It was the perfect way to end my senior year of showing pigs and I could not be happier with my results. This experience put my years of hard work and dedication to the test by influencing me to keep striving towards my goals.

Signing up in hope of being selected as a Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador was one the best decisions I have ever made. I had done my research on this program and had a pretty good idea of what to anticipate going into this leadership opportunity. The short course at Texas A&M surpassed all my expectations by far. I was overwhelmed with all the speakers and hands on learning activities they had planned for us.

I left the camp reassured that I wanted to pursue a career in the agriculture field as well as where I wanted to attend college, Texas A&M, of course. Advocating agriculture at various events allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences growing up around agriculture. There are a lot of misconceptions in the agriculture industry and by informing the general public the truth about this business, it helps them understand what we stand for and gains supporters as we share our message.IMG_0154