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Texas 4-H Livestock and Equine Ambassador Opportunities

Livestock and Equine Ambassadors at the Capitol with Representative Kacal.

It is officially time for the 2015 Texas 4-H Equine and Livestock Ambassador applications to be opened to all interested 4-Hers ages 14-18 who have at least one active year left in 4-H. These Ambassador Programs are an opportunity for the elite Texas 4-H youth to get more opportunities to showcase both their leadership and advocacy skills. The program allows them to learn more about their respective industry while developing critical skills for the future.

These programs are not for everyone. One of the key components of this ambassadorship is accountability. As an Ambassador, the students are required to report 40 service hours to an online reporting system. These hours consist of both leadership and community service in the Equine and Livestock industries. Ambassadors are encouraged to seek out and create leadership opportunities. We encourage our students to engage the public through education, from the local Lions Club or School, to his or her national/state representatives. Whether mentoring a novice 4-H’er at a local clinic to testifying in a Texas State Senate Committee hearing, we encourage our Ambassador to get involved.

Ambassadors are expected to be active in their communities and Agriculture. OTexas A&M Livestock Ambassador Programur goal is to give the students an opportunity to explore these industries from new and different perspectives that they have perhaps not been able to before. For the equine program it is held in the heart of Texas horse country where we have taken the students to different industry leaders such as Cardinal Ranch, Valor Farms, and Kiser Arena Specialists.

The two locations for the Livestock Ambassador Program afford two similar but unique experiences. Both University settings provide extensive meat science education from pasture to plate. At Texas Tech University we will be visiting a feed yard and learn more about the nutrition behind these operations. At Texas A&M University we have the privilege of seeing cutting edge reproductive technologies. We could go on, but for the sake of length we will simply say that both courses offer too much to list. No matter what your career interests, there is no doubt that this program reaches beyond the science. We aren’t just teaching these students to gain a better understanding of their industry, we are also teaching them to be leaders of that industry. Ambassadors return to their communities to serve and share what they have learned. Ambassadors gain the tools to solve problems and share the positive story of animal agriculture.Cardinal Ranch






This application is currently closed.

Program date:
June 28-July 2

This application is currently closed.

Program dates: 
Texas Tech: July 7-10, 2015
Texas A&M: July 20-24, 2015