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Whitney Whitsel Social Media Spotlight

Whitney Whitsel has shown exceptional leadership skills and continues to be very active in our program.

image2Two years ago, I was selected to become a Texas 4-H State Livestock Ambassador.  I thought I knew what the agriculture industry was about, but this opportunity really opened my eyes!  Right away, I began to see the many opportunities that this industry provided for me, and I took them to heart.  Showing for the past ten has been my passion, however, this program has become very meaningful and important to me.  I did not realize how many individuals there were who knew very little about agriculture, and additionally, non-supporters; throughout these past two years, I have been questioned why I am a leader of agriculture.

Agriculture has been my entire life, from showing animals to raising livestock for market and production.  Over the years I have shown goats, lambs, pigs, and cattle which has allowed me to further my knowledge of agriculture.  During the past two years as an ambassador, I have been given the opportunity to inform others, sharing my knowledge about whintey whitselagriculture.  I have not only been able to work with the youth in agriculture, but also those who are not associated with it.  Working with the youth is by far my passion, setting an example and encouraging them to be leaders of tomorrow factors into me playing a leadership role in agriculture.  I have hosted goat and lamb clinics to help others learn more about their animals; watching them in the ring is extremely rewarding!  In the beginning of my show career, I had a mentor who taught me so much.  I wanted to be just like her.  Now looking back, I believe I have fulfilled that dream.  There is a younger girl who completely looks up to me, as I did Caitie.  This devotion to agriculture has come full circle!  I am excited to see what the future brings to her, as I continue to be a leader in my agriculture community.

The toughest challenge in the agriculture industry is to face those who do not understand the aspects and importance of agriculture, but I have learned that to correct this problem, I must advocate.  The ambassador opportunity has inspired my passion to be a leader of the agricultural industry.  Changing thoughts of others is a challenge, but with the help of fellow Livestock Ambassadors, the Ambassador Program, and other leaders of agriculture, thoughts and actions can be changed.  The opportunity I have been granted has open many doors in my life and for my future.  I am grateful that I get to work with amazing people while promoting agriculture, and hope to inspire others to have the same passion.

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