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The poultry project teaches members poultry production and marketing by managing poultry projects. Project topics include broilers, capons, turkeys, egg production, and development from egg to chick.

Daily Maintenance and Care

Getting Started with Show Broilers- Link




Show Prep

National 4-H Curriculum Resources- link

Website Resources

Texas A&M University Poultry Science Department – link

Printed Resources

  • Hatching Eggs in the Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide (B-5084) – PDF
  • How to Produce Broilers and Roasters for Show (L-5431) – PDF
  • Nutrition and Feeding of Show Poultry, (E-240) – PDF
  • Producing Turkeys for Show (PS 5.145) – Link
  • The Small Laying Flock (PS 5.250) – Link