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Major Stock Shows

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Livestock Worksheets

Ag Story Writing Worksheet        Pig Pens Worksheet 

Livestock Terminology Worksheet     Counting on the Farm Worksheet 

Rumination Station Worksheet Horsing Around Worksheet

Feed Ration Math Worksheet   Livestock Verb Worksheet

Hay Day Worksheet Swine Crossword Worksheet

Cattle Crossword Worksheet Create Your Own Brand Worksheet

Swine Breed Worksheet  Find the different horse worksheet  

Find the different Sheep worksheet   Cattle Breed Worksheet

Disease ID Worksheet Breed of Goat Worksheet

Find the Cow Worksheet Paying Up Worksheet 

Sheep Vocabulary Worksheet Beef Wholesale Cuts

Can you find the goat that doesn’t be long_Can You Find the Misfit Piglet_ 

Scott Sells Sheep Adding Worksheet Goat Vocabulary Worksheet

Wholesale Lamb Cuts Worksheet What’s Missing_ Worksheet

Goat By Products Find the By-Product Swine By Products  Cattle By Products


Livestock Project Video Resources

Faith, Family and 4-H

How to Prepare for a Livestock Show

Arriving at a Livestock Show

The Daily Routine at a Livestock Show

Weighing and Classifying

Tips for the Show Ring

4-H Livestock Projects: Experience of a Lifetime Article

Discover an array of possibilities with Texas 4-H livestock projects! This article describes the benefits of raising and exhibiting livestock projects.

Livestock Projects Document

Livestock Project Participation and Economic Support Study Results

Statewide Summary

Region Summaries

North Region Summary

South Region Summary

Southeast Region Summary

West Region Summary

East Region

Central Region Summary

District Summaries

District 1 Summary

District 2 Summary

District 3 Summary

District 4 Summary

District 5 Summary

District 6 Summary

District 7 Summary

District 8 Summary

District 9 Summary

District 10 Summary

District 11 Summary

District 12 Summary

Species-Specific Heat Maps

Cattle Heat Maps

Goat Heat Maps

Swine Heat Maps

Poultry Heat Map

Rabbit Heat Map

Sheep Heat Map

Economic Impact Survey Results and Templates

These files can be utilized to tell your story to local livestock show board members, county commissioners’ courts, stakeholders and donors.

County Economics Template

State and County Economics Template

State Economics Template

Explore Project Books

Swine Explore Project Guide

Sheep and Goat Explore Project Guide

Beef Explore Project Guide

Livestock Judging Explore Project Guide