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The horse project offers activities in horsemanship, horse development and training.


How to build a successful horse program: Building County Horse Project

Daily Maintenance and Care



Showmanship & Judging

Show Prep

Show Horse Preparation

Website Resources

  • Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science  – link

Printed Resources

  • Youth and Collegiate Horse Judging Leader Guide AS1-2.120 – order
  • Youth and Collegiate Horse Judging  Manual – AS3-2.051 – order
  • 4-H Horse Show Rules and Regulations (AS3-2043) – link
  • Horse Quiz Bowl Supplement (4-H 3-2.031) – PDF
  • Horse Project Teaching Outlines (AS3-2.031) – PDF
  • Horsing Around Curriculum Set – 4-H CCS 63731 – order
  • Quiz Bowl Guide (4-H 3-2.030) – PDF
  • Horse Science – PDF