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Steer Validation

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UPDATED 2021-2022 FORMS:

Important Dates:

April 1-April 23, 2021 www.texaslivestockvalidation.com is open for the County Validation Chairman to submit tag orders. $20.00 validation fee. ONLY one order per county. Please do not mail payment until you receive an invoice.
April 26, 2021 Invoice sent to the County Validation Chairperson.
June 23, 2021 Late tag orders are due. $25.00 validation fee.
June 30, 2021 Late invoice sent to the County Validation Chairperson.
June 1-30, 2021 Steers to be eligible at the 2021 fall shows and 2022 spring shows must be physically validated.
June 1-July 8, 2021 **www.texaslivestockvalidation.com is open to ASTs/CEAs ONLY to enter validation information. Resources for data entry will be available at www.texasyouthlivestock.com **
July 8, 2021 Physical validation paperwork, including DNA hair envelopes, must be postmarked and sent to Texas 4-H Headquarters (note address change).
**Steer data will be entered online at www.texaslivestockvalidation.com**

Guideline Attachments:

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